Visitor monitoring and surveys for country parks

Country parks in the UK, Wales and Scotland receive over 70 million visitors a year and provide a wide range of opportunities for recreation, health, education and improvements to the quality of life, particularly for local communities.

Visitor monitoring is a very useful management tool, enabling park managers to monitor potential crunch points throughout the year so that staff and resources can be allocated where they are most needed. Visitor monitoring also provides a performance indicator to monitor the success of events organised at the parks.

Northern Link provide visitor monitoring and traffic surveys to national and country parks throroughout the UK, including Scotland.  We install automatic traffic counters to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and provide reports in the form of an MS Excel spreadsheet showing a weekly summary and totals for each direction. This information enables country park managers to accurately predict times of peak usage for optimum allocation of resources and staff.

The traffic counters may be either battery or solar powered and are capable of counting up to eight lanes of vehicles, or even bicycles with the addition of a special bicycle detector card. Reports can be downloaded via Palm Pilot or PC.

For awkward survey areas, Northern Link also offers a unique stand alone video solution, which only requires a single operator. Survey data is presented for analysis in a basic MS Excel spreadsheet or a more complex report to meet the client's needs.

Many specialist needs can be catered for and we welcome the opportunity to discuss bespoke solutions to specific survey requirements or 'targets'.

Pedestrian and cyclist surveys may also be provided using automatic counters.

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Visitor monitoring and surveys for country parks
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