Northern Link Traffic Data Consultancy
Part of the Matrix Group


Automatic Traffic Surveys

Northern Link specialises in automatic traffic surveys throughout the UK, including Scotland.  We utilise a full range of state of the art equipment to enable us to offer a wide range of traffic surveys, coupled with data analysis & portal presentation software that can provide data in formats to suit customers' specific needs.

Permanent loop site monitoring

Irrespective of the type of automatic traffic counter (ATC'S) the client prefers to use, be it Golden River, CA Traffic, RTEM, TDC Q-Free or MetroCount, Northern Link's expertise and knowledge of automatic traffic surveys enables us to collect, analyse and present the data in the required format: volumetric, speed (85%ile), classification or per vehicle records (PVR).  Northern Link can operate the client's own equipment or provide from its own extensive stock.

Temporary tube surveys

Northern Link has a comprehensive inventory of automatic traffic counters to meet the client's automatic traffic survey requirements, be it 85%ile speed, class or speed/class grouping. This flexability allows a cost effective means to collect large amounts of information on traffic flows.  Should any client have the need for per vehicle records (PVR) then our specialist counters have the capability to do this.

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