Northern Link Traffic Data Consultancy
Part of the Matrix Group


Environmental Traffic Surveys

The role of road transport is fundamental in supporting regional and local prosperity, economic growth and quality of life.  However, the increasing importance of environmental issues and the impact of Local Transport Plans have led to initiatives that can reduce traffic congestion, improve local environments and encourage healthier and safer lifestyles.

Northern Link provides UK-wide traffic monitoring and environmental survey services to assess the impact of traffic using areas such as country parks, retail centres, etc.  Data is collected and analysed to provide a thorough, robust and unbiased assessment.

Our in-depth resource and survey planning skills ensure the production of detailed survey reports on vehicle distribution/type, pedestrian safety, time planning, highway management and maintenance, as well as: visitor monitoring, footfall, asset management, retail development and land usage.

Northern Link's traffic data collection and environmental traffic survey, including NMU's provide accurate information for road traffic managers, car park managers, country parks officers, shopping centres and retail parks, utilities organisations - in fact any organisation that needs data on numbers of vehicles & NMU's. for:

  • Revenue/income planning

  • Visitor monitoring

  • Traffic monitoring

  • Congestion monitoring

  • Peak hours staffing

  • Waste management sites

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