Northern Link Traffic Data Consultancy
Part of the Matrix Group


Transport Planning

Traffic surveys for transport planning and development control

Northern Link offers a range of traffic surveys, dominately speed surveys, for transport planning for clients involved in the evaluation, assessment, design and siting of transportation facilities, for applications such as:

  • Private dwelling extensions

  • Wind farm applications

  • Business park developments

  • Change of land usage

  • Traffic generation

  • Highways access points

  • Speed/gap surveys

  • Visibility splays

Our traffic surveys are designed to support the development of transport policies and schemes throughout the UK, providing the accurate and complete traffic flow information and analysis required for all road schemes. These are now an integral part of the planning process.

Using the latest technology, we provide a comprehensive and cost-effective range of traffic survey services to assist in the forecasting and design of highway schemes, local traffic management schemes, strategic highway schemes and park and ride strategies, private planning applications.

Traffic can be monitored at almost any location, from basic volumes, speed and up to per vehicle records (pvr).  The survey data is analysed in house and the report produced cost effectively and promptly.

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